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Outdoor essentials, Sierra cup (210ml size) Rust-resistant stainless steel Sierra cup. It is lightweight and can be stacked and stored, making it extremely portable, making it a great choice for outdoor activities such as camping and mountain climbing. In addition to being used as a cup or tableware, it can also be used as a cooking utensil because it can be placed on an open fire. The 210ml size, which is one size smaller than the standard size, is also great for children.

Product specifications

・ Capacity: 210ml

・ With scales convenient for cooking (50, 100, 180ml)

・ Booby bird engraved on the bottom

Size details

Diameter: Approximately 9.5 (bottom 6.5) x depth 4.5 cm 

Capacity: 210 ml 

Material: Stainless

Made in Japan

PRICE : 490 บาท